Significant reduction of Co2 emissions through the use of new green vehicles: (f.l.t.r) Peter Stangeland (Chief Commercial Officer DB Schenker in Norway), Knut Eriksmoen (Chief Executive Officer DB Schenker in Norway), Hans-Thomas Andersen (Vice President Land Transport DB Schenker in Norway) ; picture © DB Schenker

DB Schenker proclaims the ambitious goal of zero-emission deliveries for its city distribution operations in all major Norwegian cities by the end of 2021. This objective has already been achieved for Oslo with the establishment of the Oslo City Hub. It is the world’s first green distribution center of its kind, and 100 % of the local delivery vehicles have been changed from Diesel- to Electric drive.

Now it’s time for all of Norway: DB Schenker has invested in a new electric vehicle fleet and is rolling out 25 new additional electric trucks and vans throughout the country this spring. The electric fleet will then consist of a total of 42 electric trucks and five electric bicycles that will contribute to a significant Co2 reduction of 1,500 tons per year in Norway.

The investment in sustainable urban distribution will continue throughout 2021 until DB Schenker reaches its target of 100% electric distribution in all major Norwegian cities. The electric vehicle fleet is part of the DB Schenker Group’s global target of 100% emission-free city distribution operations by 2030. DB Schenker is also following its own example from Norway by rolling out an increasing number of electric vehicles in many European cities.