Warehouse-robots have been around for a while. Now, DB Schenker in Sweden is setting a new standard in warehouse automation for MQ Marquet, a leading Swedish fashion retailer.

In e-commerce, efficient logistics play a key role for economic success. MQ Market, specialized in high-quality fashion, chose DB Schenker as an important partner when it comes to managing complex warehouse operations for the company – the latest milestone being the successful implementation of AutoStore located in Gothenburg, Sweden’s second largest city.

“Knowing which innovative technologies can be applied is important- However, mastering the implementation of the latest technology is absolutely crucial because that’s how we can add real value to our customers’ business.”

Ingo Brauckmann, Executive Vice President
Contract Logistics/SCM Europe at DB Schenker

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As an important element of DB Schenker’s e-commerce portfolio, AutoStore helps customers with extensive online business operations to achieve significant efficiency gains. The automated goods-to-person system uses warehouse robots to deliver and retrieve bins for operators. It runs on intelligent software that is linked to DB Schenker’s warehouse management system. The overall solution also includes a sorting plant and a section for hanging garments as to support e-commerce and store-replenishment operations at MQ Marqet.

The current AutoStore implementation underscores DB Schenker’s ambition to shape the future of modern omnichannel retail operations both online and in-store.