The opening of the new terminal in Almnäs, Södertälje, determines DB Schenker position as one of the world’s leading logistic providers. The sustainable logistics terminal is located in the fast-growing area of Stockholm South. 

The new terminal, which is integrated into DB Schenker’s European network, operates with 98 gates over an area of 122,000 mand complies with the most stringent environmental and sustainability standards. 

The terminal’s central processing facility can deliver 4,000 parcels per hour and has a total area of 14,400 square meters. This makes it one of the largest in DB Schenker´s network, which also includes 29 terminals throughout Sweden.

“Our terminal in Södertälje enables both earlier delivery and later pick up for our customers south of Stockholm. This is a great advantage for both senders and consignees. We also now have increased delivery reliability because the goods no longer have to pass through Stockholm like they used to.”

Franco Carbajal, Head of DB Schenker´s new District Södertälje, Sweden.

The terminal is equipped with solar cells with a capacity of 150kW, which will produce approx. 140,000 kWh of power each year. It also uses geothermal energy, which results in a minimal impact on the environment. Charging points for electric vehicles are installed at cargo gates and in parking lots. The site is also prepared for conversion to a fully electric vehicle fleet and has all the prerequisites to become a future logistics hub, thanks to its location near Sweden’s main highway E20/E4.