Sustainable mobility is becoming increasingly important in the metropolitan regions. For this reason, DB Schenker is expanding its fleet of electrically powered vehicles. With the partnership for electromobility with FUSO, a Daimler Trucks brand, the logistics provider is setting a strong example. In the coming months, the DB Schenker plans to use 36 new FUSO eCanters in eleven European countries.

On the way to becoming the leading green logistics company

 “DB Schenker is a pioneer for innovations in logistics, and now we are becoming the leading provider of green logistics. Emission-free logistics in cities is already possible today, as we are demonstrating throughout Europe together with FUSO and the new eCanter,” says Cyrille Bonjean, Head of Land Transport Europe at DB Schenker.

“We are very happy to take our partnership with DB Schenker to the next level with these 36 locally emission-free FUSO eCanter trucks. Together, we are taking a further step in electrifying urban logistics,” confirms Hartmut Schick, President and CEO of Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation (MFTBC) and Head of Daimler Trucks Asia (DTA). “Together we are contributing to decrease noise and air pollution in major cities.”

Ambitious sustainability strategy

With the new vehicles, DB Schenker is implementing its sustainability strategy step by step. By 2030, all vehicles up to 3.5 tons should be on the road with an electric or fuel cell drive. Half of the vehicles, which weigh between 3.5 and 7.5 tons, should also be electrically powered by then. So far, 3,000 trucks with various alternative drive systems have been in use throughout Europe for the logistics service provider.

In Leipzig, DB Schenker is testing the use of a Mercedes-Benz eActros: the 25-ton truck brings general cargo to downtown Leipzig. The FUSO eCanter has been transporting general cargo shipments in Berlin since 2018. DB Schenker uses further eCanters in Paris, Frankfurt am Main and in the Stuttgart area. With the data from these transports, the engineers at Daimler Truck are already preparing the next generation of the FUSO eCanter.

The eCanter have an output of 129 kW and can take up to 3.2 tons of payload. DB Schenker plans to use them for urban distribution in Oslo, Copenhagen, Madrid, Salzburg, Vienna, Hamburg, Rome and Milan, among others.

Handover before the end of the year

Before the end of the year, the 36 FUSO vehicles are to be handed over to DB Schenker at various locations. They are currently being manufactured in Portugal and will then be given a box body with a tail lift. The Spier company in Steinheim does this for the vehicles that are used in Germany.

“Same service – zero emissions” is the motto according to which DB Schenker intends to supply customers in the future. The vehicles are worthwhile for the logistician: low operating costs, lower maintenance requirements and a higher payload make the eCanter attractive. The 7.49-tonner’s range of at least 100 km is sufficient for inner-city distribution traffic. The vehicles are charged overnight, depending on availability with AC or DC chargers. In addition: with an e-vehicle, DB Schenker is sending a clear signal for sustainable logistics.